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Leadtools.Multimedia Enumerations


Overview and description of Leadtools Multimedia enumerations.

Enumeration Description
AnalogVideoStandard The possible standard video formats available.
Enumeration Appearance Specifies the appearance of the control.
Enumeration BorderStyle Specifies the border style.
Enumeration CameraControlFlags The CameraControlFlags enumeration values define how a specific camera property is controlled.
Enumeration CameraControlProperty The CameraControlProperty enumeration values define individual settings in a camera,
Enumeration CaptureDlg Values that define helper and property dialog boxes available in the CaptureCtrl object.
Enumeration CaptureInterleavingMode Values that define the interleaving mode used when writing the target file.
Enumeration CaptureMasterStream Values that define the master stream that other streams must synchronize with after the file is written.
Enumeration CaptureMode Values that define the type of capture to perform.
Enumeration CaptureObject The CaptureObject enumeration values define objects that can be obtained using the CaptureCtrl.GetSubObject method.
Enumeration CapturePreview Values that define the source of the preview media.
Enumeration CapturePreviewTap Values that define where the preview output is tapped.
Enumeration CaptureSettings The CaptureSettings enumeration values control saving and loading settings for the CaptureCtrl object.
Enumeration CaptureState Specifies the current state of the CaptureCtrl object.
Enumeration CaptureStillTap Specifies where in the stream a still image is captured from.
Enumeration ClosedCaptioningFlags Specifies the save options used by the ConvertCtrl.SetClosedCaptioningTargetFile method.
Enumeration CompressorReliability Provides reliability information on compressors (audio or video), based on a history of field tests.
Enumeration ConvertDlg Defines helper and property dialog boxes available in the ConvertCtrl object.
Enumeration ConvertInterleavingMode Defines the interleaving mode used when writing the target file.
Enumeration ConvertObject Defines objects that can be obtained using the ConvertCtrl.GetSubObject method.
Enumeration ConvertSettings Controls saving and loading settings for the ConvertCtrl object.
Enumeration ConvertState Specifies the current state of the ConvertCtrl object.
Enumeration DVDAudioAppMode Specifies the available DVD audio application modes.
Enumeration DVDAudioFormat Specifies the available DVD audio stream formats.
Enumeration DVDAudioLangExt The DVDAudioLangExt enumeration values are used to indicate whether an audio stream contains audio language extensions.
Enumeration DVDDiscSide Indicates the sides of a DVD disc.
Enumeration DVDDomain The DVDDomain enumeration values are used to indicate the state of a DVD player.
Enumeration DVDError The DVDError enumeration values specify DVD error conditions.
Enumeration DVDMenuId Specifies the DVD menu to display in the DVDControl.ShowMenu method.
Enumeration DVDParentalLevel The DVDParentalLevel enumeration values identify flags for the generic parental levels defined in the DVD specification.
Enumeration DVDPlaybackStopped The DVDPlaybackStopped enumeration values indicate why DVD playback stops. The stop reason code is passed as param1 of the MediaEventArgs object when a MediaEventCode.EC_DVD_PLAYBACK_STOPPED event has been raised.
Enumeration DVDRelativeButton The DVDRelativeButton enumeration values identify the four directional buttons used for digital video disc (DVD) menu navigation and other operations.
Enumeration DVDSourceSelectedState Specifies the available DVD source selected states.
Enumeration DVDSubpictureCoding The DVDSubpictureCoding enumeration values define the Subpicture coding mode.
Enumeration DVDSubpictureLangExt The DVDSubpictureLangExt enumeration values define the possible language extensions in a specified Subpicture stream.
Enumeration DVDSubpictureType The DVDSubpictureType enumeration values define the subpicture stream type.
Enumeration DVDTextStringType Defines a subset of the DVD text string types.
Enumeration DVDTimecodeFlags The DVDTimecodeFlags enumeration values indicate the frame rate at which a digital video disc (DVD) has been authored to play.
Enumeration DVDTitleSelectedState Specifies the available DVD title selected states.
Enumeration DVDValidUserOp Indicates which user operation (UOP) commands are currently allowed by the DVD.
Enumeration DVDVideoCompression Specifies the available DVD video compression types.
Enumeration DVDWarning The DVDWarning enumeration values define the DVD warning conditions.
Enumeration DVResolution Specifies the available resolutions for DVD playback.
Enumeration ErrorCode The list of error codes for generic collection thrown exceptions.
Enumeration LoadStatusEventCode The LoadStatusCode enumeration values are used with the EC_LOADSTATUS DirectShow event to provide status of a load operation.
Enumeration LogFileFlags Specifies the desired logging options used by the ConvertCtrl.OpenLogFile method. You can combine these values when appropriate by using a bitwise OR ( ¦ ) operator.
Enumeration MediaEventCode Defines values used for media event reporting.
Enumeration MousePointer Specifies the type of mouse pointer to use for the control.
Enumeration PlayDlg Defines helper and property dialog boxes available in the PlayCtrl object.
Enumeration PlayObject Defines objects that can be obtained using the PlayCtrl.GetSubObject method.
Enumeration PlaySeeking Determines which seeking capabilities are supported by the current media playback.
Enumeration PlaySettings The PlaySettings enumeration values control saving and loading settings for the PlayCtrl object.
Enumeration PlayState Specifies the current state of the PlayCtrl object.
Enumeration PlayStillTap Defines the point at which the still image is captured in the player object.
Enumeration PreferredFilter Specifies the preferred filter to be used in a conversion/playback process. ConvertCtrl.SetPreferredFilter methodConvertCtrl.GetPreferredFilter method
Enumeration ProcessorDlg The ProcessorDlg enumeration values define helper and property dialog boxes available in the Processor object.
Enumeration ProcessorType The ProcessorType enumeration values indicate the type of Processor, either video or audio.
Enumeration RTSPAuthenticationType Defines the possible authentication types specified by the RTSPSecurity.AuthenticationRequired property
Enumeration RTSPServerSourceType Specifies the type of sources for the RTSPServer class.
Enumeration ScaleMode Specifies the unit of measure for the control.
Enumeration SelectionModifierType Defines the selection modifier type.
Enumeration SizeMode Specifies how the video window is sized within the video window frame and can be used by both the PlayCtrl and the CaptureCtrl objects.
Enumeration SourceFormatType Specifies the format of the source media file associated with the MediaInfo object.
Enumeration SourceObjectType Specifies the source object type.
Enumeration StillFormatType Defines the format used to save still images using the CaptureCtrl.SaveStillBitmap, ConvertCtrl.SaveStillBitmap and PlayCtrl.SaveStillBitmap methods
Enumeration StillQuality Indicates the compression quality factors affecting CMP still images.
Enumeration StreamFormatType Defines the possible stream types.
Enumeration TargetFormatCompressor Values that specify the validity of a compressor for the selected target format.
Enumeration TargetFormatDlg Values that define helper and property dialog boxes available in the cached object.
Enumeration TargetFormatObject Values that define cached objects that can be obtained by calling TargetFormat.GetCacheObject.
Enumeration TargetFormatType Specifies the format of the target media file associated with the CaptureCtrl.TargetFormat and ConvertCtrl.TargetFormat.
Enumeration TargetObjectType Specifies the media target type used in the capture or conversion processes.
Enumeration TunerInputType The possible TV Tuner input types for the installed TV Tuner device.
Enumeration TunerModeType The possible modes supported by the installed TV tuner device.
Enumeration TunerSignalStrength The possible TV Tuner signal strength indicators.
Enumeration TunerSubChannel The TVTunerSubChannel values specify possible TV Tuner audio or video subchannels.
Enumeration VCRControlDeviceType The VCRControlDeviceType enumeration values specify the current device type.
Enumeration VCRControlMediaType The VCRControlMediaType enumeration values specify the media format of this device.
Enumeration VCRControlMode The VCRControlMode enumeration values specify the current device mode.
Enumeration VideoProcAmpFlags The VideoProcAmpFlags enumeration values indicate whether a particular video property is controlled manually or automatically.
Enumeration VideoProcAmpProperty Specifies the video properties of a video capture device.
Enumeration VideoRendererType Defines the preferred video renderer type.
Enumeration WMProfileType Defines the profile types.
Enumeration WMT_Version Defines supported SDK versions.
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