assemblyEnabled Property


Indicates whether pages can be added or removed from the resulting PDF document.

Object.defineProperty(PdfDocumentOptions.prototype, 'assemblyEnabled', 
   get: function(), 
   set: function(value) 
assemblyEnabled: boolean; 

Property Value

true to allow external viewers and editors to add or remove pages from the resulting PDF document; otherwise, false. Default value is true.


This is one of the owner access rights that can be granted or denied in the created PDF document. For more information, refer to the IsProtected.

HighQualityPrintEnabled is only used if the value of IsProtected is true and EncryptionMode is PdfDocumentEncryptionMode.RC128Bit.

Note that AssemblyEnabled is not supported when DocumentType is PdfDocumentType.PdfA.


Target Platforms

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