elementAjaxMethod Property


The request method type to use when loading an image via AJAX.

Object.defineProperty(DocumentImages, 'elementAjaxMethod', 
   get: function(), 
   set: function(value) 
static elementAjaxMethod: string; 

Property Value

A string value, case-insensitive, dictating the method to use for the AJAX request. Default value is GET.


As discussed in Image Loading using the Document Library, some methods (like GetImageElement) can make requests for HTML or SVG Elements that represent a DocumentPage for a loaded Document. The images are loaded internally with an ImageLoader, and callbacks to resolve the Promise object are attached to that loader.

Since the ImageLoader is not exposed from the method in this case, ElementAjaxMethod and ElementUrlMode are used for default values for the AJAX method type and ImageLoaderUrlMode. However, each of these methods also takes an optional ImageLoader parameter for complete control (like GetImageElement. If this parameter is provided, the values of ElementAjaxMethod and ElementUrlMode are ignored since they can be set with UrlMode and Method, respectively.

See Image Loading using the Document Library for more information.


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