textExtractionMode Property


Mode to use when extracting text from this document.

Object.defineProperty(DocumentText.prototype, 'textExtractionMode', 
   get: function(), 
   set: function(value) 
textExtractionMode: DocumentTextExtractionMode; 

Property Value

The mode to use when extracting text from this document. Default value is DocumentTextExtractionMode.Auto.


TextExtractionMode is used to control how GetText extracts the text from the page.

If the value of TextExtractionMode is DocumentTextExtractionMode.Auto or DocumentTextExtractionMode.OcrOnly then an OCR engine instance is required in order to extract the text correcly. This instance must be setup in the server prior to calling GetText.

DocumentImages.IsSvgSupported is used to determine whether the document supports extracting text usign SVG.

For more information, refer to Parsing Text with the Document Library.

Note that setting this property to a value will update the same value in each child document.


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