userToken Property


User token associated with this job.

Object.defineProperty(StatusJobData.prototype, 'userToken', 
   get: function() 
readonly userToken: string; 

Property Value

User token associated with this job. The default value is null.


The userToken and jobToken properties must be set by the application prior to running the job. Combining them should create a unique string. Internally, the runner will use userToken and jobToken as the Region and Key of the cache item added to the cache.

In normal cases, the userToken can be set to the user name of the application and used for all the jobs submitted by this user. While jobToken should be a unique identifier for each job, usually set to a GUID.

userToken and jobToken will then be passed by the application to the StatusJobDataRunner.queryConvertJobStatus method to obtain the latest status of the job or to abort it with StatusJobDataRunner.abortConvertJob.


For an example, refer to StatusJobDataRunner.


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