mimeType Property


MIME type of the document being uploaded.

Object.defineProperty(UploadDocumentOptions.prototype, 'mimeType', 
   get: function(), 
   set: function(value) 
mimeType: string; 

Property Value

The MIME type of the document being uploaded, if known. The default value is null.


This value is optional and setting it depends on the application's requirements.

It is best to provide the value of mimeType while uploading the document. This will ensure that MIME type whitelisting is performed prior to reading any document data. If MIME type whitelisting is used, it is possible for the DocumentFactory load methods to return null as the resulting document if its MIME type was denied. For more information, refer to DocumentMimeTypes.

This value is just a hint for the factory when it first tries to load the document. If the value of mimeType is null or a wrong value, then it will be overridden by the factory and the real mime type obtained from the document data as set in LEADDocument.mimeType.

Note that the original value set in mimeType is returned by DocumentFactory.checkCacheInfo if called prior to the factory loading the document.


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