statusText Property


The original statusText string provided in ParseError from the fail Promise callback.

Object.defineProperty(ServiceError.prototype, 'statusText', 
   get: function() 
readonly statusText: string; 

Property Value

If no string was initially provided, then null; otherwise, that same string. Possible values are timeout, error, abort, and parsererror.


The StatusText is one of the provided parameters to the ParseError static method. The value of this string, according to the JQuery documentation, is one of:

  • null

  • timeout

  • error

  • abort

  • parsererror

This value is returned from internal JQuery code, but can be changed from one of the above values to another by the Document Library to better represent the error (for example, the value of StatusText may be changed from null to abort within ParseError when UploadFile/uploadfiledocument is aborted).

See ServiceError or Promises in the Document Library Service for more information.


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