getLinks Method


Gets the links of this page.

DocumentPage.prototype.getLinks = function() 
getLinks(): DocumentLink[]; 

Return Value

An array containing the links for this page if available, or null.


GetLinks is used to get the links found in this page. All document types support this method however, the page links (links that refer to another part of the document) are not read from the original document till DocumentStructure.IsParsed has been called and the value of DocumentStructure.ParsePageLinks is true.

When the value of DocumentText.AutoParseLinks is true and the page text is first obtained using GetText, then the document will attempt to also parse the text for links based on the regular expressions stored in DocumentText.LinkPatterns. For more information, refer to AutoParseLinks.

The LEADTOOLS Document Viewer uses this method to obtain the links of a page uses an interactive modes to modify the mouse cursor when the user to hover over a link as well as invoking the link target when the user clicks on a link.

Refer to Loading Using LEADTOOLS Document Library for more information.


For an example, refer to LoadFromUri.


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