position Property


Target position to use after moving to the page.

Object.defineProperty(DocumentLinkTarget.prototype, 'position', 
   get: function(), 
   set: function(value) 
position: LeadPointD; 

Property Value

The target position to use after moving to the page in document coordinates. Default value is 0,0.


This value is in document coordinates. Refer to Document Library Coordinate System for more information.

Viewer applications would normally perform the following when a link target is invoked:

  1. Go to the page number specified in PageNumber.

  2. Check the value of PageFitType, if it is other than DocumentPageFitType.None then fit the page as specified.

  3. If the of PageFitType is DocumentPageFitType.None then use Position to scroll to a specific position in the page and optionally ZoomPercent to update the zoom value.

Viewer application should verify these values and can chose to support only partial implementation.


Target Platforms

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