viewPerspective Property


Current view perspective (transformation) value of this page.

Object.defineProperty(DocumentPage.prototype, 'viewPerspective', 
   get: function(), 
   set: function(value) 
viewPerspective: RasterViewPerspective; 

Property Value

The current view perspective of this page. The default value is RasterViewPerspective.topLeft.


viewPerspective holds the current transformation of the page. Initially, it contains the value of topLeft, which means that no transformation has been applied to this page. Transformation can be reset by setting viewPerspective back to topLeft.

viewPerspective is saved into the cache entry of the page and is re-loaded and used when the document is loaded back from the cache.

Each call to rotate, flip and reverse will update viewPerspective with the value that matches the new transformation.

Refer to Document Page Transformation for more information.


For an example, refer to rotate.


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