text Property


The text found in the document page.

Object.defineProperty(DocumentPageText.prototype, 'text', 
   get: function() 
readonly text: string; 

Property Value

The text found in the document page as a simple string object. Default value is null.


The document page text can be obtained as a simple string object through the Text property. This is not performed automatically and you must call BuildText to populate this property with the text value from Characters. Note that BuildText will also build the words by calls BuildWords first if this has not been done by the user first.

Lines are separated by the by line feed characters (\n or LF, ASCII code 10) which is compatible with most text editors. If Windows style line-feed formats are desired to view the result in Windows only editors, such as Notepad, then use the following code snippet:

// Build the text normally 
// Get the text 
var text = pageText.text; 
// Convert the lines to use Windows style \r\n line-feed 
text = text.replace("\n", "\r\n"); 

For more information, refer to Parsing Text with the Document Library.


For an example, refer to GetText.


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