originalPageNumber Property


The number of this page in the original document.

Object.defineProperty(DocumentPage.prototype, 'originalPageNumber', 
   get: function() 
readonly originalPageNumber: number; 

Property Value

1-based number of this page in the original document.


OriginalPageNumber is the number of this DocumentPage in the original document file. When the document is loaded, OriginalPageNumber and PageNumber will contain the same value. If the user modifies the pages of the document by adding, removing or replacing pages, then the two values will differ. OriginalPageNumber will never change and will still holds the value in the original document while PageNumber will return the current updated number of the page in the document.

When a page is added to the document by the user, the value of OriginalPageNumber will be -1 since it does not correspond to an item in the original document.

This DocumentPage will use OriginalPageNumber when the user calls the methods to obtain data from the original document such as getImageUrl.

Refer to Loading Using LEADTOOLS Document Library for more information.


For an example, refer to LoadFromUri.


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