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Leadtools.Document.Writer Enumerations


Overview and description of Leadtools Document Writer enumerations.

Enumeration Description
AltoXmlMeasurementUnit Specifies the measurement unit.
Enumeration ColoredImageCompressionType Specifies the compression types for colored images.
Enumeration DocumentFontEmbedMode Specifies the font embedding mode used when saving a document.
Enumeration DocumentFormat Specifies the output document formats.
Enumeration DocumentImageOverTextMode Specifies the how the document writer converts the overlay image (image over text).
Enumeration DocumentImageOverTextSize Specifies the resize options for the overlay image (image over text).
Enumeration DocumentTextMode Specifies the document text mode.
Enumeration OneBitImageCompressionType Specifies the compression types for one bit per pixels images.
Enumeration PdfDocumentEncryptionMode Specifies the PDF document encryption mode.
Enumeration PdfDocumentPageFitType Specifies the page fit option.
Enumeration PdfDocumentPageLayoutType Specifies the page layout option.
Enumeration PdfDocumentPageModeType Specifies the PDF initial view document page mode type.
Enumeration PdfDocumentType Specifies the PDF document type.
Enumeration TextDocumentType Specifies the Text document type.
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