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DocumentPage Class Properties


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Public Properties

Name Description
Public Property
customData Dictionary of user-custom data to associate with this page.
Public Property dataType Data type of this DocumentPage.
Public Property document Gets the owner document of this DocumentPage
Public Property hasEmbeddedAnnotations Indicates whether the original document has embedded annotations for this page.
Public Property imageScale Gets the scale value used when retuning image objects of this page.
Public Property isAnnotationsModified Indicates whether the annotations for this page has been replaced.
Public Property isDeleted Quickly marks a page as deleted to remove it from viewing or conversion.
Public Property isLocal Indicate that this page has been created by the user in this document.
Public Property isSvgSupported Indicates whether this page supports SVG.
Public Property isSvgViewingPreferred Indicates whether SVG viewing is preferred with this page.
Public Property isViewPerspectiveFlipped Determines if the page has a flipped view perspective.
Public Property isViewPerspectiveModified Determines if this page has any transformation applied.
Public Property isViewPerspectiveRotated Determines if the page has a rotated view perspective.
Public Property originalPageNumber The number of this page in the original document.
Public Property pageNumber The current number of this page in the document.
Public Property resolution Resolution of this page.
Public Property size Size of this page.
Public Property viewPerspective Current view perspective (transformation) value of this page.
Public Property viewPerspectiveSize Size of this page after applying its transformation.

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