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LEAD Still Image Reader

The LEAD Still Image Reader allows DirectShow® applications (such as Windows Media Player) to read a variety of still image file formats, including:

This filter can read both single page (still) files, and multipage files including AVIs. Embedded audio streams in EXIF files are also supported, and can be streamed via a second audio pin. With this filter, you-ll be able to view images as video (also audio if available) using any DirectShow® enabled system including of course the LEAD multimedia toolkit and the Windows media player. The filter offers the ability to control the stream speed by changing the frame rate; you can do that from the filter-s property page.

The Still Image Reader needs to be registered before it can be used. The filter requires the LEAD raster DLLs to be present in the filter folder, or any folder in the Windows system-defined path. The filter will use the DLLs from the newest toolkit version if it finds them. Otherwise, it will use DLLs from previous versions if the latest toolkit DLLs are not found.

The following DLLs are needed:

However, the filter DLL itself does not need to be copied into the system directory or the system path.

The filter is capable of loading any file format supported by LEADTOOLS Raster Imaging toolkit. You need to unlock raster still image support using the DirectShow® Kernel before you can load the extra file formats not listed in the above list.

The filter, upon registration, associates itself with a group of file extensions so it will be used by DirectShow ® to stream these files. As the filter supports many more file formats, you can register other extensions for viewing by the filter using the register facility in the filter-s property page.

You will need a LEADTOOLS Imaging Pro license to use this filter.

All the functionality in the filter-s property page is available via the programming interface of the filter; ILTStlImgRd.

The property page can be brought up by the LEADTOOLS Multimedia toolkit using IltmmPlay::ShowDialog. It can also be brought up with the Media Player v6 by going to the File -> Properties menu, clicking on Advanced and then on Properties. Media Player v7 does not provide the ability to display the Reader Property Page.

Component Description
Filter Interface ILTStlImgRd (derived from IDispatch)
Interface ID IID_ILTStlImgRd
Output Media Types Type:
MEDIATYPE_Stream, for embedded audio streams.
Property Page CLSID CLSID_LTStlImgRdPropertyPage
Filter category CLSID_LegacyAmFilterCategory
Executable LTStlImgRd2.dll (Win32) / LTStlImgRd2x.dll (x64)
Header ILTStlImgRd.h


Win32, x64.

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