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LEADTOOLS has been the leading supplier of standard-based and superior proprietary alternative image compression and decompression SDK for many commercial applications. It brings over decades of optimized code from compressing bi-tonal images used in document management to extended grayscale images widely used in life science industries.

The wide range of compression technology offered by LEAD can greatly improve performance of any imaging application or system. Various lossless compressions can be used for compressing image without compromising integrity of the image data; where as with little loss of image data an application or system can achieve tremendous performance gain by greatly reducing the image size, image load  and save time and transmission time over the network.

LEADTOOLS offers optimized image compression with the following benefits to an application:

Compare the compression formats supported by LEADTOOLS software:

Supported Compression Types
Compression Type General Image Compression Specialized Image compression
1-32 bit color and grayscale Bi-tonal (1-bit) Check or 4-bit data Extended (12-16 bit signed and unsigned grayscale)
JPEG (lossy and lossless) Supported     Supported
JPEG 2000 (lossy and lossless) Supported     Supported
JPEG XR Supported     Supported
JPEG-LS Supported     Supported
RLE or Pack Bits Supported Supported Supported Supported
LZW Supported Supported Supported Supported
ZIPLib (PNG) Supported Supported Supported  
CMP Supported Supported     
CCITT   Supported     
CCITT G3   Supported    
CCITT G4   Supported    
JBIG Supported Supported Supported  
JBIG2   Supported    
ABC   Supported    
ABIC   Supported Supported  
Compression/Decompression Interfaces
 1.  Buffer to buffer
 2.  Save/load to/from in-memory file
 3.  Redirected from any location (i.e. Redirect I/O)
 4.  Feed Load    

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