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Leadtools.Medical.Caching.DLL - Leadtools.Medical.Caching

Provides classes and methods for storing and retrieving cache items

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Leadtools.MedicalWebViewer.DICOMObjectRetrieve.DLL - Leadtools.Dicom.Services.MedicalWebViewer

Provides an implementation for the DICOM Object Retrieve plug-in.

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Leadtools.Dicom.Services.DLL - Leadtools.Dicom.Services

Provides implementation for the DICOM Query, DICOM Store and DICOM Manage plug-ins.

This is shipped with source code.

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Leadtools.Dicom.WCF.DLL - Leadtools.Dicom.WCF

This is the DICOM WCF Service component.

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Leadtools.Dicom.Web - Leadtools.Dicom.Web

Provides classes and methods to stream information from the DICOM WCF service and initialize the Medical Viewer control.

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Leadtools.MedicalViewer.PermissionSet - LEADTOOLS.MedicalViewer.AssemblyPermissions

Give runtime permissions to run the Medical Web Viewer demo on the client machine.


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Leadtools.Web.Services - Leadtools.Web.Services

Provides classes and methods to asynchronously stream information over the web and update the UI without the user need to manage the threads.

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Leadtools.MedicalViewer.CS.WinForms - Leadtools.MedicalViewer.CS.WinForms.Series.SeriesViewer

This class implements the Web Viewer control which is hosted in IE.


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