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The LColor class is derived from LBase, and provides functionality to convert between color-spaces using different methods and options.

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The LBitmapBase class is the main bitmap class. This class contains the main functionality for dealing with bitmaps in memory. It includes functions for basic image transforms such as resizing, flipping, cropping, and rotating, and for changing the bitmaps color-depth. This class also includes functions for loading images from files and saving images to files. You can use this class to create bitmaps from scratch and deal with individual rows or pixels of the image data.

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The LBitmap class is derived from LBitmapBase, and extends it by adding functionality for more advanced image processing. This functionality includes: Halftone, Sharpen, Picturize, GammaCorrect, Deskew, Despeckle, WindowLevel, Color Separation and Color Merge, Image Filters (such as Average, Median, Mosaic), and color processing (such as Invert, Hue, Contrast, Intensity, and Saturation).

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The LBuffer class is derived from the LBase class. This class contains support for dealing with buffers of image data, as opposed to entire bitmaps. LBuffer provides functionality for compressing and decompressing image data, resizing image data, converting image data to and from various color orders, and converting buffers of image data to and from various color spaces. LBuffer also encapsulates functions for allocating and freeing memory buffers to be used by the various image data processing functions.

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For more advanced Color Conversion functionality including YUV, YIQ, CIELAB, XYZ, YCCK, Y41P, UYVY, YUY2, YVU9, and YCC color planes using LEAD's built in conversion functions, ICC color profiles, or Emulation Tables, refer to the LEADTOOLS Color Conversion C API.

The LEADTOOLS C++ Class Library DLL module is LTWVC?.DLL. All classes are located in this DLL.

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