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The LDraw class is derived from LBase, and provides base functionality for the LEADTOOLS C++ Class Library painting and drawing classes. This class contains basic functions and member variables that are used when displaying bitmap objects.

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The LPaintEffect class derives from LDraw, and extends it to contain functions for displaying bitmaps and bitmap regions with LEADTOOLS paint effects. For a list of the LEADTOOLS paint effects, refer to Effect Types. LPaintEffect also contains functionality for drawing gradients, patterns, 3dShapes, and 3dText.

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The LBitmapWindow class is derived from LBitmap, and extends it by adding full user interface (UI) functionality. You can consider this class as a full windowed control that is capable of displaying bitmaps.

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The LAnimationWindow class is derived from the LBitmapWindow class, and extends it by adding LEAD Animation functionality.

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The LImageListControl class provides functionality for creating a Windows control that implements an ImageList for manipulating and displaying a list of images.

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The LEADTOOLS C++ Class Library provides low level support for Image Display.

The LEADTOOLS C++ Class Library DLL module is LTWVC?.DLL. All classes are located in this DLL, but this DLL may require other DLLs. Refer to the "Files To Be Included With Your Application" topic in the help file for more information.

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