Database Imaging

LEADTOOLS has specific features designed for the imaging database developer. You can use the database features to store and maintain images  in a database using any of the valid file formats supported by LEADTOOLS for storing an image in a long binary field.

LEADTOOLS' database support includes a wide variety of callback routines, and features multipage support. These features, when combined with the excellent compression options available in LEADTOOLS, provide a solid base for building robust database applications such as those used in Real Estate, Law Enforcement and Internet on-line shopping.

Load/Save memory and Load/Save file offset functions provide low-level methods for working with databases, allowing saves to memory blocks and loading directly from the database file. DotNET data binding also allows you to use the .NET and COM Interop database engine to store and retrieve image data to/from any database supported by .NET.

Languages Supported

Database Imaging C API

Database Imaging C++ Class Library

Database Imaging .NET

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