Tutorials for Beginners - .NET

  1. Working With Images Using Visual Studio

  2. Loading and Displaying an Image

  3. OCR Tutorial - Working with Pages

  4. OCR Tutorial - Recognizing Pages

  5. OCR Tutorial - Adding and Painting Zones

  6. OCR Tutorial - Working with Recognition Results

  7. Tutorial: Document Writers Tutorial

  8. Reading Barcodes

  9. Writing Barcodes

  10. Acquiring an Image

  11. Acquiring an Image From WIA Source

  12. Scan to Searchable PDF

  13. Auto Recognize And Process A Form

  14. How to Use The LEADTOOLS Virtual Printer Driver

  15. Print a Real Image Size in Inches

  16. How to use the MediaWriter to burn ISO files and DVD images

  17. Implementing Add-in Options

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