Mixed Raster Content (MRC)

With LEADTOOLS imaging SDKs, .NET (C# & VB), WPF, C/C++ and web developers can create Mixed Raster Content images which simultaneously maximize image compression and image quality. Most image formats require a sacrifice in one or the other but MRC segments the image into similar sections so they can be compressed with the optimum algorithm based on the characteristics of the bitmap area.

For more information see LEADTOOLS Mixed Raster Content (MRC) SDK.

The PDF Compressor supports saving files through Mixed Raster Content (MRC) technology. Most PDF files are saved as a single-page 24-bit (color) or 1-bit (black-and-white) raster image. Using the LEADTOOLS PDF Compressor with MRC engine, this compressor can be used to break down a page/image into smaller segments, saving each segment using compression appropriate for that segment. Thus, one page of a PDF file may have an image segment that is compressed using JPEG compression, some text in another segment that is compressed using JBIG2 compression, and another area that is compressed using CCITT compression. This whole process works to provide a PDF file with the highest-possible compression and best-possible quality, as compared to a standard Raster PDF file. Output options depend on the segmentation technique used.

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MRC C++ Class Library


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