Introduction to the LEADTOOLS DVD Module

The LEADTOOLS DVD Module has everything needed to create and burn DVD images, including a DVD Imager interface, DVD burner, DVD writer, MPEG-2 and MPEG-1 multiplexers, MPEG Audio encoder, LEAD MPEG-2 Standard video codec(Encoder /Decoder ), several DirectShow® filters to resize and crop videos, as well as filters to convert video color spaces.  It also includes an object for extracting DVD metadata information (art cover, cast info, release year, chapter information, etc.).

The LEADTOOLS DVD Module adds on to the  LEADTOOLS Multimedia SDK and includes a fully enabled development license for the following components:

DVD Support (Including Support for DVD Title /Chapters and Burning):

MPEG Multiplexers:


MPEG-2 Support:

DirectShow Video Post-Processing Filters:

Other Objects:

Obtaining Release Versions of the DVD Module Specialized Components

You need to unlock the LEADTOOLS DVD module to use the above filters in RELEASE mode. For more information, refer to the LEAD DirectShow Modules Evaluation Mechanism.

You can develop and perform testing with the development-only editions of the components, codecs and filters contained in this product. Development-only editions of the codecs display either "LEAD Encoder" or "LEAD Decoder" in the video stream.  Development-only editions of the filters and components display a licensing dialog from time to time while the program is running. Development-only editions do not expire but may not be used in a production environment under your license.

In order to deploy the DVD Module specialized components, complete the Deployment License Application form (which can be found in the LEADTOOLS Licensing Help File under the topic, "Deployment License Application"), and procure any necessary deployment licenses. If you have any questions concerning licensing the codecs/filters, contact LEAD licensing at

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