BlendingAvailable Property

Gets the value that indicates whether the blending operation is supported by the current hardware.
public static bool BlendingAvailable { get; } 
Public Shared ReadOnly Property BlendingAvailable As Boolean 
static property bool BlendingAvailable { 
   bool get(); 

Property Value

true if the blending operation is supported; otherwise, false.

using Leadtools; 
using Leadtools.Codecs; 
using Leadtools.MedicalViewer; 
using Leadtools.Medical3D; 
public void Medical3DControlExample() 
   MainForm1 form = new MainForm1(); 
// MainForm1 will be the owner of the medical viewer control. 
class MainForm1 : Form 
   public MainForm1() 
      string DirectXVersion = Medical3DEngine.DirectXVersion; 
      bool IsValidDirectXVersion = Medical3DEngine.IsValidDirectXVersion; 
      bool VertexShaderAvailable = Medical3DEngine.VertexShaderAvailable; 
      bool PixelShaderAvailable = Medical3DEngine.PixelShaderAvailable; 
      int DedicatedGPUMemorySize = Medical3DEngine.DedicatedGPUMemorySize; 
      int SharedGPUMemorySize = Medical3DEngine.SharedGPUMemorySize; 
      int Maximum2DTextureDimension = Medical3DEngine.Maximum2DTextureDimension; 
      int Maximum3DTextureDimension = Medical3DEngine.Maximum3DTextureDimension; 
      bool HardwareShaderAvailable = Medical3DEngine.HardwareShaderAvailable; 
      bool TexturingAvailable = Medical3DEngine.TexturingAvailable; 
      bool TexturingBackBufferAvailable = Medical3DEngine.TexturingBackBufferAvailable; 
      bool BlendingAvailable = Medical3DEngine.BlendingAvailable; 
      bool ZOperationAvailable = Medical3DEngine.ZOperationAvailable; 
      bool HardwareCompatible = Medical3DEngine.HardwareCompatible; 
Imports Leadtools 
Imports Leadtools.Codecs 
Imports Leadtools.MedicalViewer 
Imports Leadtools.Medical3D 
Public Sub Medical3DControlExample() 
   Dim form As MainForm1 = New MainForm1() 
End Sub 
' MainForm1 will be the owner of the medical viewer control. 
Private Class MainForm1 : Inherits Form 
   Public Sub New() 
      Dim DirectXVersion As String = Medical3DEngine.DirectXVersion 
      Dim IsValidDirectXVersion As Boolean = Medical3DEngine.IsValidDirectXVersion 
      Dim VertexShaderAvailable As Boolean = Medical3DEngine.VertexShaderAvailable 
      Dim PixelShaderAvailable As Boolean = Medical3DEngine.PixelShaderAvailable 
      Dim DedicatedGPUMemorySize As Integer = Medical3DEngine.DedicatedGPUMemorySize 
      Dim SharedGPUMemorySize As Integer = Medical3DEngine.SharedGPUMemorySize 
      Dim Maximum2DTextureDimension As Integer = Medical3DEngine.Maximum2DTextureDimension 
      Dim Maximum3DTextureDimension As Integer = Medical3DEngine.Maximum3DTextureDimension 
      Dim HardwareShaderAvailable As Boolean = Medical3DEngine.HardwareShaderAvailable 
      Dim TexturingAvailable As Boolean = Medical3DEngine.TexturingAvailable 
      Dim TexturingBackBufferAvailable As Boolean = Medical3DEngine.TexturingBackBufferAvailable 
      Dim BlendingAvailable As Boolean = Medical3DEngine.BlendingAvailable 
      Dim ZOperationAvailable As Boolean = Medical3DEngine.ZOperationAvailable 
      Dim HardwareCompatible As Boolean = Medical3DEngine.HardwareCompatible 
   End Sub 
End Class 

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Leadtools.Medical3D Assembly
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