Annotations C++ Class Library

The LEADTOOLS C++ Class Library DLL module is Ltwvcu.dll (Win32), Ltwvcx.dll (x64). All classes are located in this DLL.

Class Header File Examples Comments
LAnnXXXXXX LTCANN.H Examples\Annotation\ClassLibrary\Annotate Classes that are derived from LAnnotation. Each represents one of the LEADTOOLS Annotation object types.
LAnnotationWindow LTCANNWN.H Examples\Annotation\ClassLibrary\Annotate LAnnotationWindow extends LBitmapWindow by adding functionality for displaying annotations through an automated interface with an easy to use annotation toolbar.
LAnnotation LTCANN.H Examples\Annotation\ClassLibrary\Annotate The LAnnotation class is derived from the LBase class. This class contains base functionality for creating, and managing LEAD annotation objects. This class provides the main functionality for other derived annotation classes like creation, drawing, scaling, realizing, copying, and setting/getting properties that are common to all annotation objects.
LAnnToolBar LTCANN.H Examples\Annotation\ClassLibrary\Annotate The LAnnToolBar class extends the LBase class for creating and managing the LEAD annotation toolbar.
LAnnAutomation LTCANN.H Examples\Annotation\ClassLibrary\Annotate The LAnnAutomation class extends the LAnnotation class for creating and managing automation annotation objects.
LAnnContainer LTCANN.H Examples\Annotation\ClassLibrary\Annotate The LAnnContainer class is derived from LAnnotation. This class provides the necessary functionality for creating and managing Container objects, in addition to managing other annotation objects by providing the functionality of inserting, removing, and enumerating the different annotation objects contained by container objects.
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