The DISPANIMATIONPROPS structure contains options for controlling the animation feature.


typedef struct tagDISPANIMATIONPROPS 
   L_UINT uStructSize; 
   L_INT nFrames; 
   L_UINT uInterval; 
   L_UINT uFlags; 



Size of this structure in bytes, for versioning. Use the sizeof() function to calculate this value.


Flag that indicates how the animation will go through the frames. Possible values are:

Value Meaning
CONTAINER_ANIMATION_SHOW_ALL [-1] Go through all the frames. This is the default value.
CONTAINER_ANIMATION_SHOW_ODD [0] Go through the odd frames.
CONTAINER_ANIMATION_SHOW_EVEN [1] Go through the even frames.
> 2 Each time skip number of frames equal to the passed value.


Value that represents the time-out, in milliseconds. Every time uInterval elapsed, the animation will go to the next frame.


Flags that indicate the behavior of the animation. You can combine values together when appropriate by using a bitwise OR ( | ). Possible values are:   Flags that identify the animation direction:

Value Meaning
CONTAINER_ANIMATION_DIRECTION_FORWARD [0x00000000] The animation will move forward.
CONTAINER_ANIMATION_DIRECTION_BACKWARD [0x00001000] The animation will move backward.

  Flags that identify the behavior of the animation when it reaches the last frame:

Value Meaning
CONTAINER_ANIMATION_LOOP_SEQUENCE [0x00000000] when the animation reaches the last frame, it will start from the beginning.
CONTAINER_ANIMATION_LOOP_SWEEP [0x00010000] when the animation reaches the last frame, it will bounce back.
CONTAINER_ANIMATION_LOOP_SHUFFLE [0x00020000] the animation will pick a random frame anytime.

  Flags that indicate the type of painting to use when painting each frame:

Value Meaning
CONTAINER_ANIMATION_PAINT_NORMAL [0x00000000] No interpolation.
CONTAINER_ANIMATION_PAINT_RESAMPLE [0x00000001] Resample interpolation.
CONTAINER_ANIMATION_PAINT_BICUBIC [0x00000002] Bicubic interpolation.

  Miscellaneous flags:

Value Meaning
CONTAINER_ANIMATION_SHOW_ANNOTATION [0x00000010] Show the annotation object while animating the cell.
CONTAINER_ANIMATION_SHOW_REGION [0x00000100] Show the ROI frames while animating the cell.
CONTAINER_ANIMATION_PLAYONSELECTION [0x00100000] Stop when cell is deselected and play when it is selected.
CONTAINER_ANIMATION_STOP_AT_END [0x01000000] Stop when animation reaches the end.


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