annotationsElement Property


The HTMLElement to be used in printing the page annotations.

Object.defineProperty(DocumentPrintPageData.prototype, 'annotationsElement', 
	get: function(), 
	set: function(value) 
annotationsElement: HTMLElement; 

Property Value

An HTMLElement for the annotations data of this printed page, or null if no data exists.


As DocumentViewer.Print prepares pages for printing, AnnotationsElement is set to the annotations data that will be styled and sized appropriately when the browser print dialog is opened. If PrintDocumentOptions.ShowAnnotations is true, AnnotationsElement should be the annotations on the document at the time of printing.

DocumentPrintData.BuildPrintRoot is called after DocumentViewer.Print completes to assemble PageElement and AnnotationsElement under a common parent, which then is appended to a new DocumentPrintData.Root.

When printing, styles will force AnnotationsElement to be presented over the top of PageElement. Action can control whether DocumentViewer.Print will get the image data or if the user can provide it instead.

If AnnotationsElement is null, it is ignored in printing.

For more information, refer to DocumentViewer.Print and DocumentViewer.OpenBrowserPrint.


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