buildPrintRoot Method


Creates a new HTMLElement as the Root and appends the Pages data.

DocumentPrintData.prototype.buildPrintRoot = function() 
buildPrintRoot(): void; 

When DocumentViewer.Print has successfully completed, Pages will contain an array of all the pages that have been processed. BuildPrintRoot is called to loop through these pages and append them to a new parent HTMLDivElement that will then be set to Root.

if PrintDocumentOptions.UseViewportLayout is true, BuildViewportImage is called internally and the single HTMLImageElement of ViewportImage is appended to Root instead of individual page elements.

If the DocumentPrintPageData.Action for a page specifies DocumentPrintPageAction.Remove, then the page is ignored and not appended to Root. The page data will also not be added if the DocumentPrintPageData.PageElement is null.

As page elements are added to the Root, they are given special classes and stylings which, when combined with PrintStyles, will render them on the screen in the correct size and position for the browser print dialog when DocumentViewer.OpenBrowserPrint is called.

If the user sets PrintDocumentOptions.AutoOpenBrowserPrint to false in order to change the pages data, the user will need to call BuildPrintRoot themselves to create the Root to be printed.

For more information, refer to DocumentViewer.Print.


BuildPrintRoot now calls BuildViewportImage internally when PrintDocumentOptions.UseViewportLayout is true.


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