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RasterClipboard Class


The RasterClipboard class provides methods for working with image data and the Windows clipboard.

public static class RasterClipboard 
Public NotInheritable Class RasterClipboard 
public ref class RasterClipboard sealed abstract 

The RasterClipboard class contains the Copy method that lets you copy the image data of a RasterImage to the clipboard. The Copy method also has RasterClipboardCopyFlags for copying region data or the palette of the RasterImage.

The Paste method lets you create a RasterImage from the data currently in the Windows clipboard.

Use the IsReady property to check if any compatible data is currently in the Windows clipboard. For example, you can use this property to update the user interface of your application by enabling/disabling the Paste menu item.

Note: Since the RasterImage implements standard .NET serialization, you can use the .NET System.Windows.Forms.Clipboard class to use the Windows clipboard. For more information and an example, refer to RasterImage Serialization.

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