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ImageViewerAutoResetOptions Enumeration


Specifies options to control which display properties get reset when an image is set into the control.

public enum ImageViewerAutoResetOptions 
Public Enum ImageViewerAutoResetOptions 
public [FlagsAttribute] 
   enum class ImageViewerAutoResetOptions sealed 
0x00000000 None

(0) None of the properties will reset back to their default values.

0x00000001 Scroll

(1) The horizontal and vertical scroll offsets (ImageViewer.ScrollOffset) location will reset back to the top-left position (0,0)

0x00000002 Zoom

(2) Reset ImageViewer.ScaleFactor back to 1.0 and ImageViewer.SizeMode to ControlSizeMode. This will call Zoom to set these values.

0x00000004 Transformation

(4) Reset ImageViewer.Flip, ImageViewer.Reverse and ImageViewer.RotateAngle back to false, false and 0 respectively.

0x00000008 Effects

(8) Resets ImageViewer.Invert back to false

0x0000000F All

(16) All the properties will reset back to their default values


Use the ImageViewer.AutoResetOptions property to control which of the display properties of the control resets back to its default value when a new image is set in the viewer.

Use a logical OR operation to combine any of the above options together. By setting these options, you can achieve effects such as if the control has a scale factor value of 1.5 (150 percent) and a new image is set, the scale factor does not reset and stays at 150 percent instead of going back to 100 percent.

Used when the viewer is not used with multiple items. For more information, refer to Image Viewer in Single Item Mode.


For an example, refer to ImageViewer.AutoResetOptions.

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