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GetItemImageTransformWithDpi Method


Transformation matrix of the image of an item with or without DPI scaling.

public LeadMatrix GetItemImageTransformWithDpi( 
   ImageViewerItem item, 
   bool useDpi 
Public Function GetItemImageTransformWithDpi( 
   ByVal item As ImageViewerItem, 
   ByVal useDpi As Boolean 
) As LeadMatrix 
   LeadMatrix^ GetItemImageTransformWithDpi( 
      ImageViewerItem^ item, 
      bool useDpi 



The reference item, this value cannot be null.


true to return the transform with DPI scaling, otherwise; false.

Return Value

The transformation matrix of the image of an item with DPI scaling if useDpi is true or without DPI scaling if useDpi is false.


GetItemContentTransform returns the transformation used to render the image of an item in relation to the top-left corner of the viewer control.

Each ImageViewerItem can have an ImageViewerItem.Resolution value that can be used to set the resolution (in dots per inch, or DPI) of the item. When the value of the DPI is different than the screen resolution and the viewer is instructed to view items using the true logical size (using UseDpi then the viewer will add the scaling required into the image transformation.

When the value of useDpi is true, then this method will return the same value as GetItemImageTransform. If the value of useDpi is false, then this method will return the transformation excluding the DPI scaling.

For more information refer to Image Viewer Appearance, Image Viewer Transformation, and Image Viewer Bounds and Transform.

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