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PaintProperties Property


Options used by this viewer when rendering RasterImage objects.

public virtual RasterPaintProperties PaintProperties { get; set; } 
Public Overridable Property PaintProperties() As RasterPaintProperties 
   virtual property RasterPaintProperties^ PaintProperties 
      RasterPaintProperties^ get() 
      void set(RasterPaintProperties^ value) 

Property Value

The options used by this viewer when rendering RasterImage objects.


The ImageViewer will create an instance of RasterPaintProperties and sets it in PaintProperties upon initialization. It will then use this instance to render any RasterImage instance or their regions.

The viewer creates an instance using RasterPaintProperties.Default and then modifies the values as follows:

Value Description
Set to RasterPaintEngine.GdiPlus
Set to RasterPaintDisplayModeFlags.Resample ORed with RasterPaintDisplayModeFlags.ScaleToGray

These options will provide optimal viewing experience for any type of images, color and bitonal. After that, the ImageViewer will use Paint(RasterImage,Graphics,LeadRect,RasterPaintProperties) objects into the surface of the viewer.

RasterPaintProperties is a value type (structure), and hence, you cannot change the values directly by modifying the PaintProperties property. Instead, you should save the value into a temporary variable, modify it and then set it back:

// Turn on Bicubic instead of Resample for colored images 
RasterPaintProperties paintProperties = viewer.PaintProperties; 
paintProperties.PaintDisplayMode = RasterPaintDisplayModeFlags.Bicubic | RasterPaintDisplayModeFlags.ScaleToGray; 
viewer.PaintProperties = paintProperties; 

Important: RasterPaintEngine, setting the engine value to anything other than RasterPaintEngine.GdiPlus will have no effect and the viewer will still internally use GDI+ to render the images. This is required because the viewer relies on setting a transform matrix in System.Drawing.Graphics to translate, scale and rotate the images. This is not supported when the paint engine uses Windows API native StretchBlt function.

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