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DefaultInteractiveMode Property


Default interactive mode.

public ImageViewerInteractiveMode DefaultInteractiveMode { get; set; } 
Public Property DefaultInteractiveMode() As ImageViewerInteractiveMode 
   property ImageViewerInteractiveMode^ DefaultInteractiveMode 
      ImageViewerInteractiveMode^ get() 
      void set(ImageViewerInteractiveMode^ value) 

Property Value

The default interactive mode. Default value is null. This value can be null.


The default interactive mode is the item in InteractiveModes that will act first when the user clicks the mouse or presses down using touch and is defined as following:

When querying the value of DefaultInteractiveMode, the viewer will return the first mode in InteractiveModes that satisfies the conditions above. If no modes satisfies these conditions, then DefaultInteractiveMode will return null.

When setting the value of DefaultInteractiveMode, the viewer will perform the following:

  • If the passed value is null, then the viewer will try to remove the interactive mode that satisfies the conditions above from InteractiveModes.

  • Otherwise, the viewer will replace the current default interactive with the value passed by the user. If no default was previously present, then the viewer will add the mode to InteractiveModes.

For more information, refer to Image Viewer Interactive Modes.

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