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ImageViewer Property


Gets or sets the image viewer used as the pan source.

public ImageViewer ImageViewer { get; set; } 
Public Property ImageViewer() As ImageViewer 
   property ImageViewer^ ImageViewer 
      ImageViewer^ get() 
      void set(ImageViewer^ value) 

Property Value

The image viewer used as the pan source. Default value is null.


Set this value to the source image viewer instance for the pan. Refer to ImageViewerPanControl for more information.

When a new viewer is set to ImageViewer, this control will hook to the TransformChanged and RedirectRender events of the viewer to track when the user pans and to render the content of the viewer along with the pan rectangle to the external control.

If the value of EnablePan is set to true then clicking and dragging on the control surface will move the pan rectangle in the external control and pan the view in the image viewer accordingly.

Notice that if you have multiple viewers in your application, then you can use any of them to be the source of the pan. Simple set the viewer into the ImageViewer property. Switch to any other viewer instance at any time. To stop panning, you can set ImageViewer to null.


For an example, refer to ImageViewerPanControl.

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