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ImageViewerItemChangedReason Enumeration


Describes the reason why an item has been changed in the ImageViewer

public enum ImageViewerItemChangedReason 
Public Enum ImageViewerItemChangedReason 
public enum class ImageViewerItemChangedReason sealed 
0 Size

(0) The item size has changed

1 Transform

(1) The item transformation has changed

2 Enabled

(2) The item IsEnabled value has changed

3 Selected

(3) The item IsSelected value has changed

4 Hovered

(4) The item IsHovered value has changed

5 Text

(5) The item Text value has changed

6 Url

(6) The item Url value has changed

7 Drop

(7) The item was the target of a drag/drop and the image data has changed

8 Drag

(8) The item was the source of a move drag/drop operation and the image data has changed

9 Image

(9) The item Image or SvgDocument value has changed.

10 ImageChanged

(10) The item Image has changed. This is when the image itself has changed, for example, the user inverted or flipped the image data.

11 Floater

(11) The item Floater value has changed

12 FloaterTransform

(12) The item FloaterTransform value has changed

13 BackImageUrl

(13) The item BackImageUrl value has changed

14 BackImage

(14) The item BackImage value has changed

15 Visibility

(14) The item IsVisible value has changed


For more information, refer to ImageViewer.ItemChanged.


For an example, refer to ImageViewer.ItemChanged.


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