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EndUpdate Method


Re-enables the updating the interactive modes of a viewer if any change is applied. This is useful to increase the control's efficiency.

public void EndUpdate() 
Public Sub EndUpdate() 
   void EndUpdate() 

When items are added or removed from this collection, the object will might have to call ImageViewerInteractiveMode.Start and ImageViewerInteractiveMode.Stop to reset the interactive modes and stop any that is working since the order or the mode(s) that is currently enabled might change. To optimize this operation, call BeginUpdate before modifying the collection and EndUpdate after you are done. This way the object will not update the modes until all the items are added/remove and in their final state.

Calls to BeginUpdate and EndUpdate are accumulative. Each call to BeginUpdate must be matched with a corresponding call to EndUpdate or else updates to the transform won't be applied.

For more information, refer to Image Viewer Interactive Modes.


For an example, refer to ImageViewerInteractiveModes.

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