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PageRasterizer Property


IPageRasterizer-based object associated with this item.

public IPageRasterizer PageRasterizer {get; set;} 
Public Property PageRasterizer() As IPageRasterizer 
   property IPageRasterizer^ PageRasterizer 
      IPageRasterizer^ get() 
      void set(IPageRasterizer^ value) 

Property Value

The IPageRasterizer based object associated with this item. The default value is null.


The item can have a value in Image, SvgDocument, or PageRasterizer, but only one of three. Setting one value automatically deletes the others.

When setting PageRasterizer to a new value, the previous PageRasterizer is automatically disposed if the value of AutoDisposeImages is set to true. Note that setting the same PageRasterizer object into multiple items in the same viewer is supported, and the viewer only disposes the document if it is the last reference found in all the items. When setting the same PageRasterizer into items from separate viewers, the ownership and disposing of the SvgDocument objects must be handled by the user.

Changing the value of this property fires the ItemChanged event with ImageViewerItemChangedReason.

The PageRasterizer property of ImageViewer updates this member if this is the active item when the viewer is used in single item mode.

For more information, refer to ImageViewer Items.

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