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DefaultZoomOrigin Property


Origin of the default zoom point for current horizontal and vertical alignment, in control pixel coordinates.

public virtual LeadPoint DefaultZoomOrigin { get; } 
Public Overridable ReadOnly Property DefaultZoomOrigin() As LeadPoint 
   virtual property LeadPoint^ DefaultZoomOrigin 
      LeadPoint^ get() 

Property Value

The default point of origin for zoom operations for current horizontal and vertical alignment in control coordinates.


You can zoom the viewer using the Zoom method. Any zooming operation requires an origin. After the viewer is zoomed, this origin point should stay the same on the screen. You can zoom an image using different zoom origins, for example, around 0,0, the center of the image, any edge or any other arbitrary value.

Usually, applications zoom the image around its center. You can calculate the center manually by getting the center of the viewer client area.

In other instances, the application might want to zoom the viewer depending on the value of ViewHorizontalAlignment and ViewVerticalAlignment for example, when the alignment is left and top, the origin should be 0,0. When the alignment is center and center, the origin should be the center of the control, when the alignment is left and center, the origin should be half the width, 0 and so on. Use DefaultZoomOrigin to obtain this value automatically.

For more information, refer to Zoom.

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