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ScrollOffset Property


Scroll offset value.

public virtual LeadPoint ScrollOffset { get; set; } 
Public Overridable Property ScrollOffset() As LeadPoint 
   virtual property LeadPoint^ ScrollOffset 
      LeadPoint^ get() 
      void set(LeadPoint^ value) 

Property Value

The current scroll offset value. The default value is 0,0.


Changing the value of this property will fire the PropertyChanged, ScrollOffsetChanged and TransformChanged events.

When the value of ScrollMode is ControlScrollMode contains the current scrollbars offset. When the user clicks and drags on the scrollbars, the value of ScrollOffset (and the scrollbars thumbs) changes accordingly. The minimum value allowed is 0,0 (top-left) and the maximum value allowed is stored in MaximumScrollSize (setting ScrollOffset to MaximumScrollSize will cause the viewer to scroll the view to the bottom-right corner. You can manually pan the image by setting a value in ScrollOffset or calling ScrollBy.

When the value of ScrollMode is ControlScrollMode.Hidden, then the value of ScrollOffset contains the virtual scroll (pan) offset, you can pan the image by changing the value of ScrollOffset or calling ScrollBy. If the value of RestrictScroll is true, then the minimum and maximum scroll values are the same as the case above. If the value of RestrictScroll is false, then there is no minimum and maximum scroll ranges, you are allowed to set ScrollOffset to any value. 0,0 and MaximumScrollSize will still be the values to use if you want to either scroll the image to top-left or right-bottom.

When the value of ScrollMode is ControlScrollMode.Disabled, then trying to change the value of ScrollOffset or calling ScrollBy will be ignored.

For more information, refer to Image Viewer Scrolling.


For an example, refer to ScrollMode.

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