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ImageViewerInteractiveModeTransformTarget Enumeration


An enumeration used for indicating where an ImageViewerInteractiveMode transformation should be applied.

public enum ImageViewerInteractiveModeTransformTarget 
Public Enum ImageViewerInteractiveModeTransformTarget 
   enum class ImageViewerInteractiveModeTransformTarget sealed 
0ImageViewer Applies the transformation to the ImageViewer itself. This is the most common case for the majority of ImageViewerInteractiveModes.
1AllItems Applies the transformation to each ImageViewerItem instead of to the ImageViewer.
2Item Only applies the transformation to the target ImageViewerItem.

ImageViewerInteractiveModeTransformTarget is used in certain built-in ImageViewerInteractiveModes to control how interactions are handled. In most cases, ImageViewer is the intended target. Changing to AllItems will essentially make each ImageViewerItem act as an ImageViewer for the interactive mode, and Item will make only the target ImageViewerItem act as an ImageViewer. When set to AllItems or Item, only those respective sections of the ImageViewer will receive events.

For example, consider ImageViewerPanZoomInteractiveMode. The default for ImageViewerPanZoomInteractiveMode.TransformTarget is ImageViewer, which will pan and zoom the entire control as one piece. When changed to AllItems, any interaction will not change the transform of the ImageViewer, but instead the transformation of each individual ImageViewerItem. Zooming in will zoom each individual item by the same amount. Interactions will only be captured if they occur over any item.

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