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Assembly Version History: 19 to 20

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Assembly Version History: 18 to 19

For details of the changes, refer to the 'Version History' page for the specific assembly.

LEADTOOLS Multimedia Version History from Version 17.5 to 18

Added Features

LEADTOOLS Multimedia V18 adds Microsoft Media Foundation support. The LEADTOOLS Media Foundation SDK is designed to provide developers with a full range of tools required to create professional, high-quality media foundation applications. With it you can add multimedia functionality such as Capture, Play, and Convert, as well as the latest Media Foundation filters and multimedia file support.

LEADTOOLS Multimedia Changes from Version 17 to Version 17.5

LEADTOOLS Multimedia V17.5 introduces the new LEADTOOLS Multimedia Suite. The Multimedia Suite includes the new LEADTOOLS Cloud SDK, all the LEADTOOLS Multimedia Add-ons (Introduction to the LEADTOOLS MPEG2 Transport Module, DVD, and Video Streaming) as well as all the LEAD Codecs and Filters (except the DICOM filters).

The LEADTOOLS Cloud SDK is a framework for creating “cloud” applications. Cloud applications perform distributed processing of tasks over a network. The server portion of the framework handles the submission, queuing and identification of tasks that are to be performed by one or more separate worker machines. Each worker machine polls the server and then is assigned a job to perform. When the work is completed, the worker machine notifies the server and the queue is updated. The LEADTOOLS Cloud SDK comes with two demo implementations, one for converting raster images to PDF documents using OCR and one for transcoding multimedia files.

Added Features

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