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LEAD Technologies, Inc. supports your programming endeavors with thousands of function examples, tutorials, and demo programs. These showcase LEADTOOLS core features, and demonstrate some of the simple, yet powerful applications that can be produced with LEADTOOLS. LEAD provides the following:

Demo Programs

Demo Executables

LEADTOOLS Multimedia demo programs showcase LEADTOOLS Multimedia core features, and demonstrate some of the simple, yet powerful applications that can be produced with the toolkit. Demo executables are found on the installation path in the appropriate platform subdirectory of the \BIN\ folder (for example, C:\LEADTOOLS Multimedia xx\Bin\Dotnet4\). All LEADTOOLS Multimedia demos have both C# and VB.NET versions. 

Demo Project Source Code

Documentation Examples

The documentation for each LEADTOOLS function includes an Example at the bottom of each topic. When appropriate, references to relevant Demo and Tutorial programs are also included.

Demo Tutorials

Tutorial programs are straightforward procedures that demonstrate useful solutions to practical problems. You can use them as a starting point for your own programs, or copy-and-paste the code, or simply review them for highlights on how to write code for a specific feature or to resolve a problem. Tutorial (model) programs are listed on the Introduction page of each assembly.

LEADTOOLS Video Trainers

Getting Started video tutorials (with full audio voice-over) are hosted on the LEADTOOLS YouTube video channel. These tutorials walk you through key coding tasks.

LEADTOOLS Developer Support Forums

LEADTOOLS Support Forums are clearly organized, support moderated (so that all queries include solutions) forums that provide code tips, copy and paste code, and solution samples along with faqs and troubleshooting advice. Each page includes an rss (rss 2.0) web feed button, enabling you to subscribe to your favorite forums and stay on top of emerging issues. New and updated demos are provided in the relevant subjects of the LEADTOOLS Support forums.


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