Nag Window Appears When Creating MPEG Multiplexers

LEADTOOLS Multimedia displays nag messages to remind you about any components that have not been unlocked in your application. This ensures that when you redistribute your application it will have all the components it needs in order to run.

When you install an evaluation toolkit, everything is unlocked, but an evaluation notice appears displaying its expiration date. Applications will not run after that date.

When you install a release toolkit, everything will work but until Ltmm and any filter DLLs needed for an application are unlocked, nag messages will display. Banners are used in the video codecs for the same purpose.

In order to remove nag messages, you must contact LEAD Technologies to obtain license keys to unlock the specialized features. For information on how to unlock LEADTOOLS Multimedia features, see Unlocking LEADTOOLS Multimedia Features.

When you distribute your application, you must distribute the appropriate DLLs from the \Redist\MM directory, and must unlock the specialized features in your application using the DSKernel object.

Call MultimediaSupport.UnlockModule to unlock special features for the Multimedia toolkit (API and .NET).

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