Leadtools.MediaStreaming Assembly Changes


Version Changes: 19 to 20

New Members (version 20)

The following members have been added:

Name Description
Leadtools.MediaStreaming.AudioType.Finalize This member overrides System.Object.Finalize
Leadtools.MediaStreaming.AudioTypes.Finalize This member overrides System.Object.Finalize
Leadtools.MediaStreaming.Client.Finalize This member overrides System.Object.Finalize
Leadtools.MediaStreaming.Clients.Finalize This member overrides System.Object.Finalize
Leadtools.MediaStreaming.Device.Finalize This member overrides System.Object.Finalize
Leadtools.MediaStreaming.Devices.Finalize This member overrides System.Object.Finalize
Leadtools.MediaStreaming.IPFilters.Finalize This member overrides System.Object.Finalize
Leadtools.MediaStreaming.LiveStream.ActivateOnDemand Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the stream should activate only when demanded by the client.
Leadtools.MediaStreaming.LiveStream.CUDADecoding Gets or sets a value that indicates whether CUDA hardware decoding is enabled.
Leadtools.MediaStreaming.LiveStream.Enable Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the stream is enabled.
Leadtools.MediaStreaming.LiveStream.HasVideoDeviceURL Gets a value that indicates whether the selected video device supports URLs.
Leadtools.MediaStreaming.LiveStream.IdleTimeOut Gets or sets the amount of idle time to wait before deactivating an "activate on demand" stream.
Leadtools.MediaStreaming.LiveStream.QSVDecoding Gets or sets a value indicating whether QSV hardware decoding is enabled.
Leadtools.MediaStreaming.LiveStream.VideoDeviceURL Gets or sets the video device's URL property.
Leadtools.MediaStreaming.LiveStreamAudioEncoding Defines the possible live stream audio encodings.
Leadtools.MediaStreaming.LiveStreamControl The LiveStreamControl object containing information about a configured live stream in the Server object's LiveStreamControls collection.
Leadtools.MediaStreaming.LiveStreamControls The LiveStreamControls object contains a collection of controls for each live stream configured on the Server object.
Leadtools.MediaStreaming.LiveStreamState Defines the possible live stream states.
Leadtools.MediaStreaming.LiveStreamVideoEncoding Defines the possible live stream video encodings.
Leadtools.MediaStreaming.MIMETypes.Finalize This member overrides System.Object.Finalize
Leadtools.MediaStreaming.Server.GetLiveStreamControls Gets a copy of the server's live stream controls LiveStreamControls collection.

Removed Members (version 20)

The following members have been removed:


Leadtools.MediaStreaming Assembly Changes Version 19

New Assembly

The following assembly has been added to LEADTOOLS to 19 (.NET only):

Namespace Description
Leadtools.MediaStreaming for .NET Contains objects and functions to create multimedia streaming applications capable of streaming to any device.
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