DVD Module FAQs

Q: How do you get rid of the LEAD MPEG-2 Encoder message from my video?

A: Contact licensing@leadtools.com to receive and sign the duplication and distribution agreement with LEAD and obtain release versions of the DVD Module specialized components.

Q: I created a DVD using the DVD module and the image is not playing on my DVD properly. What went wrong?

A: First, make sure you selected the MPEG-2 DVD option as the Output Video Type in the LEAD MPEG-2 Encoder. Second, make sure you selected the appropriate TV standard (NTSC or PAL video format) for your DVD player. Generally, you use NTSC in USA and Japan, and PAL in Europe.

Q: I created a DVD image. How do I play it?

A: You need to use DVD player software like the LEAD DVD Control to play it from the DVD image folder. You can also burn the image on a DVD using DVD burning software like the LEAD DVD Burner and then play the DVD on a consumer DVD player.

Q: I am playing the .VOB file LEAD generated and I am having problems (do not hear audio or the video plays strangely). A: You should play the file called VIDEO_TS.IFO from the VIDEO_TS folder. While you can play the individual .VOB files, that is not recommended because the information for decoding the .VOB file properly is in the VIDEO_TS.IFO file.

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