Problems Debugging Applications

If you are using Microsoft Visual C/C++ under Windows NT, 2000, or XP, you may experience problems when debugging applications that use the LEADTOOLS Multimedia libraries. You may see the following messages in the debug output window:

HEAP[XXXXXXXX.EXE]: Invalid Address specified to RtlFreeHeap( 1d40000, 1d44020 )

These messages are caused by third party audio and/or video codecs that seem to have problems with the System Device Enumerator. Some of the codecs that are known to cause this problem are:

At this time, the only known solution is to remove (or rename) these codec files from your system. You will need to re-install them when you no longer need to debug your application(s).

For your convenience, the LEADTOOLS installation has re-named the following files:

Old name: Re-named to:
msms001.vwp msms001.vwp.bak
mvoice.vwp mvoice.vwp.bak
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