RasterSupport Class


Contains methods and properties to set the client LEADTOOLS license.

function lt.RasterSupport 
class lt.RasterSupport() 


This object replaces the functionality offered by LTHelper.LicenseDirectory.

Refer to LEADTOOLS Nag Message for more information on obtaining and using a LEADTOOLS license. You will not be able to use the LEADTOOLS JavaScript class library without a valid license.

setLicenseUri, setLicenseText and setLicenseBuffer can supply the application with the LEADTOOLS license.

As an alternative to calling setLicense, you can specify your runtime license in a folder on the server holding the application. Refer to RasterSupport.licenseDirectory and RasterSupport.setLicenseUri for more information.

kernelExpired will return false if the license was successfully set and the application can run. If the value of kernelExpired is true then the application either did not set a valid license or the license was invalid or has expired and the LEADTOOLS functionality will not be available to the application.


For an example, refer to setlicenseuri.


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