PreSend Event


Occurs before an image request is made, sending out ImageLoaderPreSendEventArgs.

Object.defineProperty(ImageLoader, 'preSend',  
	get: function(), 
	set: function(value) 
static preSend: LeadEvent; 


The PreSend static event handler is useful in situations where properties of many image requests must be changed or logged before each request is sent.

The ImageLoaderPreSendEventArgs.Cancel property, when set to true, will cause the Fail event to be called for the ImageLoader. This is different than the Abort method, which will "fail" silently and not call any callbacks.

PreRun is called after Run but before any configuration of the Xhr or WorkingImageElement. PreSend is a static event that is called by each ImageLoader after PreRun and after all properties (except the final HTMLImageElement.src property for ImageLoaderUrlMode.ImageUrl, as this would send the request) are set.

Event Data

sendervarThe source of the event
eImageLoaderPreSendEventArgsThe event data


Target Platforms

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