error Property


An error describing the reason for the image load failure from Run.

Object.defineProperty(ImageLoader.prototype, 'error', 
	get: function() 
error: Error; // read-only 

Property Value

An error object if the image load failed; otherwise, null.


When Run is called, the image request begins. If the request fails to load for any reason, Element will not be set to the loaded image and Error will be set to an error. The Fail and Always events will then be fired. If the request fails due to ImageLoaderPreRunEventArgs.Cancel from PreRun or ImageLoaderPreSendEventArgs.Cancel from PreSend, the error will

In most cases, your browser will also log the failed image request to the browser's developer tools console.

This property is cleared when Dispose is called.

See Run for more information.


Target Platforms

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