processAjaxData Property


A callback used to access binary data from an ImageLoaderUrlMode.ajaxDataUrl response.

Object.defineProperty(ImageLoader.prototype, 'processAjaxData', 
	get: function(), 
	set: function(value) 

Property Value

An ImageLoaderProcessAjaxDataCallback callback function. The default value is a callback function that immediately sends the byte array forward.


When using an ImageLoaderUrlMode.ajaxDataUrl for requests, image data is requested in binary format (as an ArrayBuffer which becomes an Uint8Array). In the event that this data needs to be modified on the client before the element is created (for use with encryption of image data between client and service, for example), processAjaxData provides the byte array and a function to be called that takes a byte array and forwards it to the rest of the response implementation.

The default implementation is as follows:

See run for more information.


Target Platforms

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